Contact: Sylvain Louis-Seize

My recent work explores the concept of industrialization and the environments that co-exist and prosper from it. I try to bring some understanding to the nature of our self-indulgence on our surroundings. Redemption is the theme with which I approach each painting. Sadness, hope, despair, frustration and happiness are represented in each piece on different levels. I want the work to reveal a sense of optimism that life will prevail under all the destruction.

I am strongly influenced by urban agglomerations. I paint with rough materials including oil, tar, acrylic, metals, acids and oxidizing agents which in themselves make a statement. The images reveal a paradox between the elements I use and the end product. I use resin to further enhance the contradiction between the painting and its message.

Born in Montreal, Quebec, Sylvain works and lives in Toronto, ON Canada


Sylvain Louis-Seize : Irresponsible Beauty – By John K. Grande

Sylvain Louis-Seize`s mixed media paintings reveal as much about the passage
of time and the way memory wears experience as readily as the environment
wears the physical world around us. There are traces of the industrial,
almost a nostalgia for the sublime beauty of the industrial aesthetic and
the scale and scope of old sites in a city. But all this is transformed into
something else. There are traces of nature, something that offer us a hope,
amid the toxic, transformed world of urban life.

The urban phenomenon, and the environments of old city industrial sites or
factory areas, and port areas are alluded to, but we never have a clear
picture of what we are looking at. There are hazy images of nature and.
there is a beauty to the atmosphere Louis-Seize conjures up. The industrial
or natural, or both juxtaposed on the painterly surface, not intentional,
nor designed . The surfaces are covered with linear rectangular shadowy
forms; these allude to the codification of art, of life, of all aspects of
human behaviour. They may also reference the way we ourselves perceive
beauty and environment with a measured distance and rationality. And then
there are the markings, elements that testify to the wear and tear of time
on life. The atmosphere of urbanity affects all number of things, ourselves
included, and the buildings, the places and the objects that we may not
notice but are part of unrecorded  history. It is the unrecorded aspect of
the markings and words, the sense that these are a part of an atmosphere of
life we are accustomed to, more so than we are accustomed to nature.

Nature exists in transformed ways, and acts on the human built environment,
and these curious enigmatic details pop up all over in our city centres as
we traverse these environments. We sense that Louis-Seize captures all this
because of a sentient desire to humanize experience, to bring some testament
to past lives, to the anonymity of history and the unofficial character of
life and progress.

These mixed media works are tangible manifestations of the iconography of
the industrial complete with its own symbology and hierarchy of meaning.
The nature referenced is distant, unreal, almost a sublime afterthought, a
manufactured field of desire. It could even be mediatic, induced cue.
Unreachable or tentative, nature becomes a place that reason cannot capture.
Reason could be those marking, and rectangles, the word fragment, or actual
words – stencil-like or stolid these words arrive into our perception